Where the fire lives

At Logan’s, we don’t just have a fire in our bellies. We’ve got a fire in our souls. And we’re stoking it daily with great food, fresh ingredients, ice-cold drinks and music turned way up. And when you give your guests all that, plus a place to kick back with their favorite people, we find just about everyone leaves here with a fire of their own.

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Giving Back

Our fire doesn’t stop after we shut off our grills. It keeps burning for our friends, family, community and country. Because in every neighborhood you find a Roadhouse, you’ll find us giving back any way we can.


From fundraising and volunteering to sorting food and packing meals, our fire for sharing good food isn’t just limited to our kitchen. We proudly support organizations that help bring meals to those who need them most, whether that’s right in our very own backyard with Second Harvest of Middle Tennessee or with various charities across the country.

Logan’s Love

At the core of the Logan’s Roadhouse Mission, Values, and Culture is the belief that we show our Passion to Serve through serving others. Our Team Members are the heartbeat of our company, and the last thing we ever want to have happen to them or their families is an unexpected crisis. However, life does happen. Our team members have voluntarily banded together to help lift each other during times of uncertainty. It’s called Logan’s Love! This is an Employee Assistance Fund, which allows Team Members to financially assist their colleagues in the event of extreme economic hardship due to natural disasters, catastrophic events or circumstances beyond their control. To date, the Team has raised over $50k dollars and assisted many of our Team Members through some very difficult times. 100% funded by our Team Members, 100% for our Team Members.

After all- A Little Change Goes a Long Way.


We consider each and every one of our Team Members a vital part of the Logan’s Roadhouse family. And, with our success built upon the talented teams that make Logan’s so unique, we strive to nurture and develop them.

By giving constant encouragement, providing ample career growth opportunities and recognizing and rewarding the best-of-the-best, we aim to prove we’re committed to nourishing our employees with more than just our famous mesquite wood-grilled steaks!