Career Spotlight

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of Team Members have to say about working for Logan’s Roadhouse.

Lamonte Greer

Lamonte Greer

Director of Operations

Years at Logan’s Roadhouse:
14 Years

Lamonte Greer is certainly no stranger to the restaurant industry. 24 years, in fact, with no end in sight!

Lamonte started at Logan’s 14 years ago, as a Meat Cutter. He fell in love with the Logan’s brand and roadhouse attitude, and quickly progressed through the ranks, and is currently using his skills as a Director of Operations.

In fact, his hard work, ability to make connections, and his expertise in all things Logan’s has earned him recognition as DO of the Quarter!

What is the secret to his success? People. “Running my business is all about creating long term winners.” And it’s these winners that have made Lamonte’s journey so challenging, exciting, and most of all, fun.