Don’t know how to Roadhouse yet? That’s OK! Let the Logan’s Training team help! Logan’s Roadhouse provides an engaging environment that encourages each member of the Logan’s team to learn and master the skills needed for ultimate Roadhouse success. Here are some of the training programs currently offered, or being developed in the near future, to help you learn The Right Way to Roadhouse:

  • Onboarding program: A week-long new hire training program for hourly and manager employees
  • Leadership Unplugged Program: A week-long class in Nashville for the ongoing development of New Managers
  • Leadership Encore Program: A 3-4 day workshop in Nashville to further develop new GMs
  • Leadership Headliner Program: A year-long program dedicated to the development of potential multi-unit leaders
  • Raise the Bar: A program designed specifically for all things bar, including Bar essentials and Bar Standards of Excellence
  • Jam Sessions: Boot camp style programs designed with specific focus areas in mind

But the road doesn’t end there ! Here is a sneak peek into future offerings from Logan’s training:

  • eLearnings: Be on the lookout for exciting online training, real-life simulations and fun learning games!
  • New Multi-Unit Leadership Programs: Ongoing development for multi-unit leaders